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Essential learning skills are not unique to any particular subject but form the foundation for the acquisition of all knowledge.




Sparkabiliites addresses the development of these essential learning skills through segments designed to develop cognitive skills*.


Paying attention to one thing and excluding others.


Following motion of objects through space.

Visual Discrimination

Detecting similarities and differences in objects.

Audio Discrimination

Detecting similarities and difference in sounds.

Visual Memory

Processing information given visually.

Auditory Memory

Processing information given orally.

Form Constancy

Identifying a form even when it possesses different characteristics.

Visual Closure

Identifying a form from a visually incomplete presentation.

Visual Directionality

Determining spatial relationships between and within forms.

Part to Whole Relationships

Recognizing that parts of a form add together to create the whole form.


Sparkabilities is designed to build these cognitive skills using cognitive instincts*. We believe that cognitive instincts are natural patterns that the baby brain understands intuitively.

  • Amounts Increasing and Decreasing
  • Color
  • Dissapearing
  • Shape
  • Sensory Property Coordination
  • Size
  • Facial Templates
  • NumberClassification and Categorization
  • Language Communication

* Sparkabilities is designed to engage and enhance the developing baby's brain based on our research emanating from the fields of the neurosciences and cognitive sciences. Given the nature of the Sparkabilities program and the subject matter involved, objective laboratory or scientific tests based on accepted data, criteria or standards may not be possible; thus no such tests were administered or relied upon during the creation of this product to determine the effect of the program.