In the month of September, Sparkabilities and The Hero of Color City, 
coming to theaters, iTunes and On Demand everywhere, October 3rd, presented to you, the PlayWisely Activity of the Week.  Each week, your child has learned to draw a familiar and fun subject.  Our final activity incorporates all of the drawings into a final scene that you can enjoy and talk about with your child!

In September, we learned to draw a sun, a cloud with rain, a house and a tree.  If you missed these fun activities you can find a link to them here.

This week's final activity features all four of the Hero of Color City characters, Yellow, Blue, Red and Green.  We will finish up by drawing all of the above subjects along with a rainbow in a final scene. This activity supports the development of fine motor skills, color recognition and shape recognition. 

Have fun with this activity and don't be discouraged if your child wants to create something "out of the box."  You may have a young Picasso on your hands!   

Part 1:  Draw a Sun
Using the techniques from our first activity, draw a sun in the top right hand corner of your paper.

Part 2:  Make a Tree
Next, place a green tree on the bottom left of the page using the techniques from our 4th activity, "Make a Tree!"

Part 3:  Make a House
Use the red crayon to create a house in the middle of your page!

Part 4:  Add a Cloud
Next, using the blue crayon, make a cloud in the top left hand corner of the page using the technique from our "Make a Cloud" activity.  Include rain if you'd like!

Part 5:  Add a RAINBOW!
Finally, create a rainbow in the sky creating arcs of all of the original colors.  You can use the "dot-to-dot" method from the "Make a House"  activity if your child needs help.  Or, you can draw two arcs and let your child color in each color.  

Part 6:  Complete the picture by adding bushes and more grass or any other finishing touches that you child would like!  
Be sure you tell your child how proud you are of their accomplishments creating such a beautiful picture!  Talk about the picture and ask your child to tell you a story about what is happening in the picture.  Use this activity as an opportunity to support their creative story telling abilities!

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