The Science - Neurons & Networks

Sparky isn't just another cute face! He was modeled after an actual brain neuron. You see, baby brains are exploding with activity. In fact, a 2-year-old's brain has twice the energy as an adult brain. I'll bet that doesn't surprise you!

Early experience grows the neurons and the neural networks in a baby's brain. The goal of that experience is to wire networks for speed and efficiency and to create agile minds.

Sparkabilities was created with the developing brain in mind. We are not just teaching your baby or toddler but rather nurturing the neural pathways that support learning. Our innovative systematic approach is built upon the latest understandings emerging from the cognitive, developmental and neurosciences.

The sciences now recognize that intelligence is no longer just about a score on a test but more importantly the brain skills required to define, analyze and respond appropriately. These critical brain skills are developed most readily in the early years. These skills include:

  • collecting data precisely
  • processing and integrating information efficiently
  • interconnecting brain regions with agility
  • developing clear perceptions
  • acting upon perceptions with quality performance

The segments in the Sparkabilities DVDs are designed specifically to develop these essential learning skills. Our approach is unique in that we are not just teaching a child we are training a brain.

About Us

Sparkabilities is designed to develop essential learning skills while entertaining your baby. The segments are based on the PlayWisely developmental system and our research emanating from the fields of the neurosciences and cognitive sciences.

Essential learning skills are not unique to any particular subject but form the foundation for the acquisition of all knowledge. Sparkabilities addresses the development of these essential learning skills through segments designed to develop cognitive skills. Learn more >

The Sparkabilites segments are designed according to specific developmental stages. They build on one another becoming more challenging while remaining familiar to your baby. Each title repeats theme segments creating a pattern within the show!